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  1. lawsuits
    Michael Jackson Murder Trial to be TelevisedIt’s being televised.
  2. mj
    Conrad Murray’s Defense Will Argue Michael Jackson Committed SuicideWell, this certainly won’t help Conrad Murray’s popularity levels.
  3. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson’s Mother Sues Concert PromoterClaims that AEG Live failed in overseeing Conrad Murray.
  4. mj
    Was Michael Jackson’s Doctor Conrad Murray Friends With a Stripper?Yes, at least according to one stripper.
  5. michael jackson
    One Year After Michael Jackon’s Death, New Lawsuits Are Filed, Questions RemainAnd how are his kids doing?
  6. michael jackson
    TMZ: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Will Argue That He Killed HimselfConrad Murray will argue that Jackson administered the fatal dose of Propofol himself.
  7. michael jackson
    AP: Conrad Murray Allegedly Halted CPRAlso, Murray fled to retrieve mysterious cream from Jackson’s mansion “so the world wouldn’t find out about it.”
  8. michael jackson
    Joe Jackson Calls for ‘Interrogation’ of MurrayJackson tells Larry King he believes ‘others’ are involved.
  9. michael jackson
    MJ’s Doctor ChargedDr. Conrad Murray, the cardiologist who administered the dose of Propofol that killed Michael Jackson, was charged with involuntary manslaughter.
  10. michael jackson
    Michael Jackson’s Doctor Expected in Court TomorrowAnd the M.J. situation isn’t his only legal trouble.
  11. take two and call me in the morning
    Michael Jackson’s Propofol Supplier Lands His Very Own TV ShowWhy of course he did!
  12. michael jackson
    Report: Michael Jackson’s Doctor to Be Charged With ManslaughterFox News says Conrad Murray will be charged sometime in the next two weeks.