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  1. da-doo
    It’s Corbin Bleu, Constance Wu, and Audrey II, TooStarring in Little Shop of Horrors Off Broadway.
  2. jinkies
    Mindy Kaling and Constance Wu Are Solving the Mystery of VelmaThe animated series premieres January 12 on HBO Max.
  3. memoirs
    8 Revealing Stories From Constance Wu’s Memoir, Making a SceneIncluding sexual-harassment accusations on the set of Fresh Off the Boat and the response an actress sent to those tweets.
  4. allegations
    Constance Wu Alleges Sexual Harassment, Intimidation on Fresh Off the BoatShe says she kept quiet about the way a senior producer treated her because she didn’t want to stain the historic show’s reputation.
  5. mental health
    Constance Wu Felt Like She Didn’t ‘Deserve to Live’ After Social-Media BacklashShe returned to Twitter three years after she “ignited outrage and internet shaming that got pretty severe.”
  6. solos
    Morgan Freeman, Uzo Aduba, and Anne Hathaway to Star in Amazon Series SolosAlso, Helen Mirren! Dan Stevens! Nicole Beharie! Constance Wu!
  7. 2020 babies
    Constance Wu Reportedly Spent Her Summer Having a Baby GirlNot the whole summer, of course. You know what we mean.
  8. heaux heaux heaux!
    Hustlers Is a Christmas MovieDoesn’t money make you jolly?
  9. network tv
    Fresh Off the Boat to End After Six SeasonsThe longest-running sitcom about an Asian-American family in broadcast TV history will air its last episode next year.
  10. close reads
    Hustler’s Greatest Trick Is Its Take on the Female GazeThe women in Hustlers are in the business of knowing what men want to look at, but the movie itself is gloriously free of a male perspective.
  11. close reads
    A Former Stripper’s Thoughts on Hustlers“I’m not saying the movie made me feel comfortable, but it did make me feel recognized.”
  12. movie review
    In Hustlers, Jennifer Lopez Proves the Power of the Movie StarLorene Scafaria’s glittering crime spectacle revolves around Lopez’s magnetic performance.
  13. backstories
    How Hustlers Pulled Off the Meta Cameo of the YearHow the film’s producers (and Jennifer Lopez) convinced a music superstar to show up in Hustlers — and 200 extras to stay quiet while it happened.
  14. fall preview 2019
    The Hustle Behind HustlersHow do you get a film about rich white men getting scammed made in an industry run by rich white men? First step: Get J.Lo to sign on.
  15. hindsight
    Constance Wu Clarifies Twitter Fiasco: ‘Am I Elegant? No.’“Me getting to play a fully human experience as an Asian-American, that shouldn’t be historic.”
  16. trailer mix
    Hustlers Trailer: J.Lo, Constance Wu, Lili Reinhart, and Cardi B Wanna RobSee it September 13.
  17. backstories
    ‘I Chased Cardi for Two Years’: How Hustlers’ Director Cast the Stripper SagaA behind-the-scenes look at the making of Hustlers, starring Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and Cardi B.
  18. movies
    Constance Wu Says Hello to Goodbye, Vitamin AdaptationThe 2017 Rachel Khong novel follows a woman’s return to her childhood home after her father is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
  19. fresh off the boat
    ABC President: I ‘Choose to Believe’ Constance Wu Is Happy to Return to FOTB“There’s been no thought to recasting Constance.”
  20. fresh off the scandal
    Constance Wu Admits FOTB’s Renewal Prevented Her From Taking Passion Project“I’ve always sought artistic challenge over comfort and ease.”
  21. fresh off the boat
    Constance Wu, for One, Is Not Happy About Fresh Off the Boat Getting Renewed“So upset right now that I’m literally crying.”
  22. okurrrr
    Cardi B Will Make Her Feature Film Debut in Stripper Saga HustlersSay I gotta dance.
  23. rom-coms
    Constance Wu Reportedly in Talks to Star in Double Pregnancy Rom-ComAnd you thought your love life was complicated.
  24. chat room
    Constance Wu on the Significance of Her Golden Globe Nom for Crazy Rich Asians“Not only is Asianness something that we don’t want to neutralize, we want to celebrate it.”
  25. vulture festival la
    Constance Wu Responds to ‘Asian Incels’ Who Target Her OnlineAnd explains why she’s doesn’t clap back at them on Twitter.
  26. vulture festival la
    Henry Golding Aced His Crazy Rich Asians Chemistry Read With a Nick Young MomentTurns out the world treats Henry Golding and Nick Young in a pretty similar way.
  27. vulture festival la
    Jim Carrey and Rachel Bloom Added to Vulture Festival LA Presented by AT&TIn its second year, Vulture Festival LA Presented by AT&T will include a Scrubs reunion, Constance Wu, Busy Philipps, and so much more.
  28. anatomy of a scene
    The Story Behind Crazy Rich Asians’ Mahjong ShowdownGuess who won?
  29. cinemacon 2018
    Constance Wu on Diverse Crazy Rich Asians: ‘Our Culture Is More Than Skin Deep’It’s the first film to feature a predominantly Asian cast in 25 years.
  30. trailer mix
    The Trailer for Crazy Rich Asians Is Obviously Crazy GoodMeet the Prince Harry of Asia.
  31. first looks
    The Crazy Rich Asians Movie Looks Opulent As HellStarring Constance Wu, premiering August 17, 2018.
  32. casting couch
    What to Know About the Stacked Cast of Crazy Rich AsiansThe movie features Constance Wu, Michelle Yeoh, Ken Jeong, and more.
  33. casting couch
    Michelle Yeoh Joins Crazy Rich Asians to Intimidate the Hell Out of Constance WuDon’t cross Eleanor Young.
  34. casting couch
    Constance Wu in Talks to Star in Crazy Rich AsiansThe Jon M. Chu picture is on a development fast track.
  35. oscars 2017
    Constance Wu Slams Casey Affleck’s Oscar NomThe Manchester by the Sea actor has been accused of sexual harassment.
  36. activism
    Constance Wu Explains Why She’s Attending the Women’s March on WashingtonWu sees the march as “a statement about the patriarchal standards that we don’t even see.”
  37. year in culture 2016
    2016: The Year in Asian-Americans Fighting Back in Hollywood2016’s conversations around representation saw Asian-Americans talking to each other, without the filter a white audience necessitates.
  38. controversies
    Matt Damon Says Great Wall Wasn’t WhitewashedDamon says fake news is to blame.
  39. party chat
    Constance Wu on Trump’s Election and Racism“Often the scapegoat is immigrants and people of color.”
  40. get out the vote
    Constance Wu Will Dance If You VoteHey, you know all those other elections on the ballot?
  41. vulture cover story
    You Can’t Go Home Again: On Set in Taiwan With Fresh Off the BoatIn the season-three premiere, the Huangs encounter a classic immigrant dilemma: the identity crisis.
  42. You Can’t Go Home Again: On Set in Taiwan With Fresh Off the BoatIn the season-three premiere, the Huangs encounter a classic immigrant dilemma: the identity crisis.
  43. burn it all down and let’s start over
    Constance Wu Slams Matt Damon’s Great Wall“Our heroes don’t look like Matt Damon.”
  44. Fresh Off the Boat Is Going to Taiwan for Its Season 3 PremiereThe three-day shoot will show off some of Taipei’s landmarks, cuisine, and street markets.
  45. casting couch
    Constance Wu, Megan Mullally Join Hulu’s 404The two will star in an episode about the NSA.
  46. Constance Wu Doesn’t Want to Be Your “It” GirlThe Fresh Off the Boat star on being invisible in Hollywood, “mansplaining” executives, and never forgetting who you are.
  47. character study
    Making Jessica Huang, TV’s Queen of One-Liners“For who could ever love a cabbage-faced baby?”
  48. yellowface
    Constance Wu on Scarlett Johansson & Yellowface“It was particularly heinous.”
  49. backstories
    How Fresh Off the Boat Celebrated TV’s First Chinese New Year “The kids ate so many dumplings during takes, I thought they were going to throw up.”
  50. casting couch
    Constance Wu to Star in Independent DramaThe film is “aimed at showcasing the breadth and range of the Asian American experience.”