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  1. Enter to Win a Luxe Vacation on Virgin’s New Yacht-Inspired Cruise LineIt takes less than a minute to enter, we promise.
  2. An Excerpt from ‘Away with Words,’ by Joe BerkowitzWe’ve now reached the pun solstice, the verbal equinox. The Henry Pun-Off is six months away, a comfortably far-off X in next year’s calendar. […]
  3. contest
    Take Our Game of Thrones Quiz and Win a Song of Ice and Fire Box SetM’athchomaroon, Game of Thrones superfans!
  4. contest
    Contest: See a Live Taping of With Bob and DavidTake our Mr. Show quiz to win!
  5. bluth’s clues
    Find Tobias in an Arrested Development Where’s WaldoCan you find Tobias in a sea of blue? Do so and win something!
  6. contest
    The Winner of the Beatles Holiday Parody Contest Is …And winner of a Beatles’ vinyl remasters boxed set.
  7. vulture contests
    Our Breaking Bad Look-Alike Winners Are …Congratulations, all.
  8. Enter Our Breaking Bad Look-alike Contest to Win $1,000Are you the doppelgänger of Walt, Jesse, or any of the other BB crew (dead or alive) who could win the grand prize?
  9. Can You Best Elaine Benes in ‘New Yorker’ Captioning?This cartoon was used in “The Cartoon” episode of Seinfeld. You know the one where Elaine accidentally steals a Ziggy. Well, now the New Yorker […]
  10. contest
    Immortals Contest Winner: Meet Your New Pop-Culture God!Bow before Orion Godsling.
  11. contest
    Invent Your Own Pop-Culture God and Win a 3-D Camera!In the spirit of Immortals, we want you to invent a new Entertainment God with a superpower: Terranovus, god of illogical TV, perhaps? Best idea wins the prize!
  12. contest
    Win an iPad by Playing ‘Polite Godfather’ With VultureTweet us a Miss Manners–ized Corleone quote; the best will get the prize!
  13. contest
    Contest: Win Dinner and Two Tickets to ‘Pictures Reframed’We want to give you a classy night on the town.
  14. contest
    Contest: Win a ‘Mad Men’ DVD Prize Pack!In honor of ‘Mad Men,’ we’re already drunk! And you can win the first-season DVD set.
  15. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: Indie Rock Trivia with Les Savy FavNew York X New York has created an Indie Rock Trivia night with a secret crew of rock geniuses.
  16. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: Karaoke Relapse With the Thermals!New York x New York’s Indie Rock Karaoke is back as Karaoke Relapse, and this time they’ve picked up punk act the Thermals for backing-band duty!
  17. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: Win Free Tickets to globalFEST 2008!Win free tickets to Little Cow, Samarabalouf and Crooked Still.
  18. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: ‘The Diving Bell and the Butterfly’!We’re giving away three prize packs, each including one-year membership to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), the film’s soundtrack, and a copy of Bauby’s memoir.
  19. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: New York by ‘New York’!For this month’s New York by New York event, our friends at UCBT have combined the best and worst aspects of office holiday parties into one hilarious night.