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    Are Community’s ‘6 Seasons and a Movie’ Dreams a Real Possibility?Justin Lin is being considered to direct a movie.
  2. WOAH! Dan Harmon Is Close to a Deal with FoxTV Guide is reporting that Dan Harmon is working on a deal with Fox to write and ideally shoot a pilot. There are no details about the show […]
  3. Slap on a Costume and Watch ‘Community’s’ Comic-Con Panel Once you get passed the weird Bar Mitzvah dancer-esque intros, this is a loosey, goosey fun time. Not much news is given up, other than that […]
  4. Gillian Jacobs Discusses ‘Community’s’ True Geniuses Dan Harmon and TorgGill-Jax is out promoting Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, but since her appearance in the film is brief, there is plenty of time for […]
  5. Troy and Pierce in the Morning?In a recent interview, Danny Pudi was asked about the special relationship between Abed and Troy. He revealed that it wasn’t really the plan at […]
  6. The Internet Is Creating the ‘Community’ Video Game You Hoped it WouldIt was hard to watch “Digital Estate Planning” and not think, “I hope to play this game some day.” Well, that some day is today. The Internet […]