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Craig Mazin

  1. exit interview
    ‘We Have to Interrogate How We Feel About Our Heroes’The Last of Us co-creator Craig Mazin questions the inherent positivity of love.
  2. resource management
    Give It Up for the Last of Us Menstrual CupEllie’s item upgrade is a perfect combination of video-game mechanics and character-based detail.
  3. backstories
    ‘A Rosetta Stone for The Last of UsHow two non-player characters and an unexpected love story elevated the HBO series beyond its source material.
  4. reboots
    Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Resurfaces From the Briny DeepAs you fathom what a reboot might entail, consider that Chernobyl creator Craig Mazin is now attached.
  5. emmy insider
    Chernobyl Was the Easiest Thing Craig Mazin Has Ever Written“I’ll probably never write that freely again, because now every time I write something, I’ve got to think, ‘Well, it’s no Chernobyl …’”
  6. Get Ready For The Hangover III: Mass Death and Total DevastationOh, it’s happening. The third Hangover movie will start filming this September. Details about the script (by Todd Phillips and Craig Mazin, who […]