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Crank 2 High Voltage

  1. parenting
    Patton Oswalt’s Infant Daughter Improves Action MovieWe didn’t think that ‘Crank: High Voltage’ could possibly be improved by having children, but then again, what do we know?
  2. tweets
    Twitter Scandal! Live-Tweeting Comedians Disrupt the Sanctity of Crank 2: High VoltageThe event was theater sanctioned and all tweeting was restricted to the back rows so as not to disturb other moviegoers. Even so, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.
  3. insanity
    Crank 2 Promises to Raise the Bar for Action-Film InsanityIf only there were some D-Box seats here on the East Coast!
  4. countdown
    Epic ‘Crank 2’ Required More Footage Than ‘Titanic’Thankfully, it seems like no expense has been spared to make ‘Crank 2’ even more awefulsome than its predecessor.
  5. the industry
    Jesse L. Martin Would Like to Meet Your ParentsThe good news: With his run on ‘Law & Order’ ending this week, Jesse L. Martin is planning his return to Broadway. The bad news: It’s not a musical.