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  1. ask an expert
    Making Sense of Radiohead’s Nonsensical Copyright Dispute With Lana Del ReyLana claims Radiohead wants 100 percent of her song’s publishing. Radiohead says it never sued. What’s really going on?
  2. Why Creep 2 Isn’t Actually a Horror MovieDirector Patrick Brice thinks it might be … a rom-com?
  3. sing along!
    Watch Dave Chappelle Sing ‘Creep’ at the Saturday Night Live After-PartyNothing like a 5:22 a.m. sing-along.
  4. ‘The Visit’, ‘Creep’, and Horror Comedy(Contains spoilers for The Visit and Creep, a doi.) Historically, horror and comedy have been diametrically opposed. Stephen Colbert has […]
  5. Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement Yep, no. By successfully curating videos of people being idiots or jerks, Daniel Tosh has acquired a position of power on the Internet. Rachel […]