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  1. chat room
    FSG Editor Lorin Stein on His New Reading Series, BorschtThe night Denis Johnson’s novel Tree of Smoke won the National Book Award, FSG¹s Lorin Stein, who edited that and two other fiction nominees, decided to celebrate his very good year at the Russian Samovar.
  2. the early-evening news
    Thinking of Going to See ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Broadway? Don’t!Plus: The Golden Globes go Bushless!
  3. right-click
    Missy Elliott Rings in the ApocalypsePlus: Beach House!
  4. kudos
    If Anyone Ever Wins a Golden Globe, Who Will It Be?Will Billy Bush traipse to Angelina Jolie’s mansion and leave a statue on the porch?
  5. chat room
    ‘Daily Show’ Writer Sam Means Offers Tips on Improving Your RacismMeans’s new book The Practical Guide to Racism is a Colbertian satire on stereotyping, complete with countless racial epithets, an incomparably offensive glossary, and tongue-in-cheek diagrams.