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  1. crushes
    Pete Davidson Says He Masturbated to Leonardo DiCaprio’s, Uh, Acting“He was the coolest.”
  2. odes
    I Can’t Believe I Have a Crush on Vampire Weekend AgainThe Vampire Weekend–aissance is upon us all!
  3. swooning at 50 mph
    Sandra Bullock Crushed So Hard on Keanu Reeves, She Could Barely Shoot Speed“There was something about me that I guess he didn’t like.”
  4. crushes
    A Short History of Seth Meyers’s Crush on RihannaThe man has good taste.
  5. crushes
    If Anyone Can Hook Adam Rippon Up With Shawn Mendes, It’s Ellen“I know, like, Harry [Styles] will be upset.”
  6. crushes
    Jennifer Lawrence Has a Crush on Timothée Chalamet, Too“I’m buttering him up like a pig for slaughter.”
  7. crushes
    Kit Harington Does Sexiest Thing Yet: He Admits He Was Wrong About SexismHe mixed up sexism and objectification.
  8. last night on late night
    If You Crush on Larry David, Please Don’t Crush on Anyone ElseLarry David is still annoyed that Jennifer Lawrence has a crush on Seth Meyers too.
  9. crushes
    Why I Would Swipe Right on O’Shea Jackson Jr. in Ingrid Goes WestJackson co-stars as Aubrey Plaza’s boyfriend, a Batman-obsessed non-fuckboy.
  10. what might have been
    Ellen and Warren Beatty Discuss His Crush on HerOl’ “Wrong Tree” Warren.
  11. crushes
    Larry David and Jennifer Lawrence Probably Won’t Become an ItemDavid responded to her “below the belt” feelings for him.
  12. crushes
    Gwyneth Paltrow Calls Obama ‘So Handsome That She Can’t Speak’During a fund-raiser at her California home.
  13. party chat
    Patton Oswalt Walks Us Through His Crushes From the Whedonverse“With Angel, it is the actress who ended up being on Law & Order. She was blonde …”
  14. crushes
    Hollywood Has Made All of Carey Mulligan’s Dreams About Mario Lopez Come True“Every time we did a red carpet and I saw A.C. Slater … I went bright red.”