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Curtis Jackson

  1. lovers-to-enemies
    A Timeline of 50 Cent’s Tumultuous Relationship With StarzFrom striking a $150 million deal to packing his bags and threatening to leave.
  2. ghosting
    50 Cent Got the Green Light for Power Book IV: Force Season TwoThe rapper and TV producer threatened to ghost Starz if the spin-off wasn’t renewed.
  3. the industry
    50 Cent Produces New Fox Comedy My Friend 50Got a show on Fox like it’s his birthday.
  4. story time
    There Are No Mirrors in Heaven, Reports Gary BuseyAnd that sofa is all wrong.
  5. movies
    See 50 Cent’s Unintentionally Hilarious Gun Movie PosterVal Kilmer must’ve called in sick that day.
  6. the industry
    Lionsgate Scoops Up Lautner’s AbductionPlus: 50 Cent to star in film he co-scripted.
  7. the one who smelt it dealt it
    Now You, Too, Can Smell Just Like 50 Cent!Hmmm, is that the aroma of weed mixed with the pungent scent of artistic disappointment we’re smelling?
  8. trailer mix
    ‘Before I Self Destruct’ Trailer: 50 Cent Now a Director, For Some ReasonUh-oh!
  9. the industry
    Spike Lee to Attend Theater for First Time in YearsSpike Lee will direct a re-mounting of World War II comedy-drama-mystery Stalag 17 on Broadway, produced by play’s original producer, Michael Abbott. Lee has never directed for the stage and, according to the NYT, can’t remember the last play he attended.