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  1. the law
    Meghan Markle Receives Apology From UK Tabloid After Winning Legal BattleAn appeals court upheld her victory against U.K. tabloids for publishing a private letter.
  2. lawsuits
    Daily Mail Argues Nothing Defamatory About Buying Booze, Dating Jane KrakowskiDespite what MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell wants to argue.
  3. sexual misconduct
    Ryan Adams Apologizes for Past Sexual MisconductThe singer published a statement in the Daily Mail.
  4. Ricky Gervais Is Pret-ty Proud of Himself for Being a Rogue Genius […][blackbirdpie id=”146626360692056065”] Hoo boy. Just when we’d had about enough of Ricky Gervais’ bloated self-promotion, he goes and tops […]