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Damage Control

  1. damage control
    Scooter Braun Thought Justin Bieber Would’ve Died If He Hadn’t Intervened“It was far worse than people realize.”
  2. in development
    Marvel is Developing a Damage Control SitcomThey’re the crew that cleans up after superheroes have destroyed the city.
  3. ABC Is Developing a Comedy Set in the Marvel UniverseBack in August, NBC gave a pilot production commitment to an Office-style workplace comedy set in the DC Comics universe, and now ABC has a […]
  4. damage control
    Hart, Ferrell Address Get Hard’s Backlash“Funny is funny.”
  5. damage control
    Reebok Dropped Rick RossBecause of his controversial lyrics.
  6. damage control
    Rick Ross’s Rape Verse Dropped From ‘U.O.E.N.O.’“I don’t wanna take him off.”
  7. damage control
    Here’s How You Try to Spin the Academy Awards“You can say we failed. I’d say we still got 38 million people.”