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Dan Bejar

  1. superlatives
    The Hardest and Most Harmonious of New Pornographers, According to Carl and Neko“Back in the day, as a live band, we kind of half-assed it.”
  2. the industry
    James Marsden’s New Roommate Is a Computer-Generated Easter BunnyPlus: new porn from the New Pornographers.
  3. last night’s gig
    Destroyer’s Dan Bejar Studiously Ignores Self-destructive Behavior at ShowHe was apparently unfazed by constant streams of pot smoke, a minor fight by the stage, and a guy in the balcony who performed interpretive dances.
  4. chat room
    Destroyer’s Dan Bejar on the Part of His New Album That Everyone HatesThe sometimes New Pornographer talks to Vulture about his new record, Miles Davis, and the 2010 Olympics.
  5. right-click
    Lupe Fiasco Gets Progressively WorsePlus: Ghostface the neat freak?