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Darlene Love

  1. christmas in august
    Darlene Love and Mariah Carey Are Battling for the Christmas ThroneAnd so is Christmas-exclusive singer Elizabeth Chan.
  2. christmas magic
    Darlene Love Declares The View Her New (Baby Please Come) Home After NBC SnubShe performed with Jason Derulo.
  3. 9 Behind-the-Scenes Stories From Darlene Love, the Greatest Backup Singer EverBonding with Sam Cooke and Elvis over gospel, laughing along with Cheech and Chong, and, of course, arguing with Phil Spector.
  4. movies
    Rock the Kasbah Trailer: Bill Murray Rocks the Something SomethingHe also appeared in Darlene Love’s new video.
  5. fond farewells
    Darlene Love Sings on Letterman the Last Time“This is where it will end.”
  6. christmas
    See Every Time Darlene Love’s Sang for LettermanShe’s sung David Letterman’s favorite Christmas song 21 times since 1986.
  7. oscars 2014
    Watch Darlene Love Make the Best Use of the Oscars MicThe diva belted out a closing number that no orchestra could compete with.