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  1. comics talk to comics
    Janeane Garofalo Talks to Dave Hill“There are a million reasons why he’d make a terrible president, but among them is that he isn’t even savvy enough to get the rights to ‘You’re fired.’”
  2. Dave Hill on Family, His Second Book, and Performing in Antarctica “This is a book about journeys, both physical and mental as well as emotional and spiritual. I also end up running a couple of errands. I […]
  3. Dave Hill Tells Charming Tales of Slackerdom in ‘Dave Hill Doesn’t Live […] A few years ago, on a podcast, I listened to Dave Hill tell what is perhaps the most gruesome, cringe-inducing Manhattan travel story I have […]
  4. Dave Hill’s Book ‘Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore’ Is Out May 10thDave Hill has a new book hitting stores next month. Titled Dave Hill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the book will be available through Blue Rider […]
  5. Let Dave Hill Turn You OnDave Hill is the kind of guy who, during an interview to promote his debut comedy album, is more than willing to accompany an interviewer on a […]
  6. Dave Hill Reflects on Life, Death, and Funeral PartiesIFC’s Comedy Crib released the first installment of a new web series today called Funny People Reading Books featuring Dave Hill reading an […]
  7. Dave Hill Clears Up the Amazon-Hachette Dispute for Dick Cavett and […]The battle between Amazon and Hachette books rages on without any comment from Amazon, so Dave Hill put together this video with legendary TV […]
  8. Dave Hill and Dick Cavett Have a New Web Series Together Comedian Dave Hill and legendary talk show host Dick Cavett released the first three episodes of their new web series, Dick and Dave, today. […]
  9. Talking to Dave Hill About His New Radio Show on WFMULast month, Tom Scharpling ended his comedy radio program The Best Show on WFMU after 13 years, and comedian/musician/author Dave Hill was […]
  10. Dave Hill’s WFMU Show Will Be Called ‘The Goddamn Dave Hill Show’; Debuts […]Tom Scharpling’s comedy radio show The Best Show on WFMU ended its amazing 13-year run on Tuesday, and last month, comedian Dave Hill was named […]
  11. Dave Hill Will Take Over Tom Scharpling’s ‘Best Show’ Slot on WFMUTom Scharpling announced last month that his beloved, long-running radio show/podcast The Best Show on WFMU will be ending its run on December […]
  12. Dave Hill Went to England to Chronicle Royal Baby Fever With the birth of Kate Middleton’s royal spawn imminent, dapper-as-fuck comedian Dave Hill headed over to Merry Old England to take in the […]
  13. Come Join Splitsider as we Talk to Chris Gethard, Julie Klausner and Dave […]This Thursday at 7pm at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe here in NYC Splitsider is presenting a super fun panel featuring some of our very favorite […]
  14. Watch Dave Hill Visit a Boat Show Here’s comedian Dave Hill stopping by the New York Boat Show with a camera to creep everyone there out by talking about murder, disposing of […]
  15. Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer Visit Dave Hill’s New Web Series Here’s a new episode of HuffPost Comedy’s first-ever web series, Stallin’ with Dave Hill, with guests Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer from […]
  16. pop culture memory lane
    How Dave Hill Grossed Out Judas Priest Singer Rob HalfordIn this “Pop Culture Memory Lane,” the comedian recalls thinking they were going to be best friends … until nature called.
  17. Chris Gethard and R.L. Stine Will Write an Entire Book Together in One […]Comedian Chris Gethard is having Goosebumps author R.L. Stine join him tonight on his delightful public access show The Chris Gethard Show to […]
  18. This Week In Web Videos: PHIL Lauren Hill and Anna Breslaw are quickly becoming this column’s female empowerment champions. In April, we covered Beer Goggles, their […]
  19. Tig Notaro Makes Cancer Jokes and a Dating Profile Video (which Dave Hill […] (Watch Dave’s response below.) Tig spoke with The New York Times about why she’s been drawn to make jokes about her illness: I was with a […]
  20. David Rakoff and Dave Hill’s Awkward Book Tour David Rakoff died last night, far too young at 47. Here’s a video that Dave Hill just put online of a “book tour” for Don’t Get Too […]
  21. Let Dave Hill Explain Olympic Sports to You The Olympics are confusing. Some events take place on courts, some in pools, some with rifles. Luckily, Dave Hill is working with BBC America […]
  22. You Had To Be There #70: Dave HillYes! Dave Hill, the awesome comedian and musician behind the “You Had To Be There” theme song, is finally a guest on the show, providing some […]
  23. Mustachioed Bill Cosby Talks about Bombing, on New Comedy YouTube Channel Official Comedy is a new comedy YouTube channel that is part of YouTube’s new programming iniative. It offers a mix of old clips – like this […]
  24. Hanging Out with Dave HillThe first time I saw Dave Hill perform, he was giving a celebrity interview to Ira Glass and wearing — at least in my memory — some […]