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  1. memes
    The Full-Circle Journey of ‘Homer Simpson Backs Into the Bushes’The story behind The Simpsons meme that got so popular it was used by Homer himself.
  2. ‘The Edge’: The Talent-Stacked ’90s Sketch Show That Time ForgotThe Edge, a weekly sketch show, premiered on Fox over twenty years ago, back in 1992. It only lasted for a single 18 episode season and no one […]
  3. Former ‘Simpsons’ Showrunner David Mirkin Explains the Importance of […]“A policy that I always try to follow — and that really everybody does— is that you’re really trying to write something that’s going to be […]
  4. streaming week
    3 Simpsons Showrunners Reflect on New Fans and the ‘Classic Era’ Myth“We have people whose entry point is episode 300, and then they get tired of it in episode 450.”
  5. Fox Didn’t Want Chris Elliott and ‘Get a Life’ Co-Creator David Mirkin to […]“The network [Fox] … didn’t want us to meet because they knew I was doing a crazy show, they knew that Chris was a crazy guy, and it was […]
  6. trivia
    Five Things You Never Knew About Get a LifeLike, John Malkovich wanted to guest-star on the Chris Elliott cult classic.
  7. Get A Life: The Community of Its TimeAccording to the internet, television network executives are a bunch of deplorable scumbags. They are wretched slime, only existing to please […]