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David Miscavige

  1. crime
    Danny Masterson and Scientology Are Being Sued for StalkingFour women claim that Masterson and the church followed and harassed them after coming forward with allegations against him.
  2. vulture reading room
    10 Strange Stories From Ron Miscavige’s Scientology Tell-all RuthlessLisa Marie Presley tried to help him out.
  3. tell-alls
    Ron Miscavige to Publish Book About ScientologyWill we find out whatever happened to Shelly?
  4. church of scientology
    What We Learned From THR’s Scientology PieceTom Cruise: “If f–ing Arnold can be governor, I could be president.”
  5. clickables
    Sing Along With This Uncomfortable Old-school Scientology VideoAnother bizarre propaganda video from the Church of Scientology!