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Dead Ringers

  1. performance review
    Who Can Top Rachel Weisz?She’s giving the greatest performance of her career in Dead Ringers, proving Rachel Weisz’s ideal scene partner is Rachel Weisz.
  2. finale thoughts
    Jennifer Ehle Based Her Dead Ringers Investor on Ayn RandAnd thinks Rebecca Parker knows exactly what happened in the finale.
  3. double trouble
    Which Mantle Twin Did What in Dead RingersLet’s break down each episode from the perspective of both Rachel Weiszes to see if we can get to the bottom of what they’re up to.
  4. pop culture syllabus
    The Rachel Weisz Gay IndexFive performances that show the actress’s decades-long ascent to queer perfection.
  5. exit interview
    What Is It About These Identical Twins?Rachel Weisz and Alice Birch on adapting Dead Ringers for TV and the gynecologist siblings that keep us coming back.
  6. from the archives
    The ‘Dead Ringers’ Story: The Strange Death of the Twin GynecologistsA former patient’s notes, published in New York Magazine in 1975.
  7. vulture lists
    Seeing Double: 16 Essential Identical-Twin MoviesFor a group that makes up just 0.4 percent of the world’s population, identical twins have enthralled moviegoers.
  8. twinning!
    Rachel Weisz Plays God (Twice Over) in Dead RingersIt’s like Twitches but with gynos.
  9. cronenbergian
    Grab a Bite With Two Rachel Weiszes in This Exclusive Dead Ringers ClipIf you thought you wanted to be murdered by ONE Rachel Weisz …
  10. casting call
    Rachel Weisz Is Playing Twin OB/GYNsIn a Dead Ringers adaptation.