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  1. marvel-ous
    Deadpool & Wolverine Had a Ball on Super Bowl SundayBreaking the record to become the most-viewed movie trailer ever in just 24 hours.
  2. d3adpool
    Deadpool 3 Is Going to Be a Superhero Hang for All TimeAnd Ryan Reynolds has shared a new pic in his spandex suit.
  3. post-divorce
    Deadpool to Steal Tom Wambsgans From GregTomelette is now just one sad, lonely Gregg.
  4. merry merc-mas
    Wait, We Could’ve Gotten a Deadpool Christmas Movie?Ryan Reynolds said he co-wrote one that never got made.
  5. rated why
    Deadpool and Logan Will Be the First R-Rated Films in Disney+’s LibraryStarting July 22.
  6. into the cameo-verse
    Doctor Strange Cameo Watch: Who Will and Won’t Be in Multiverse of Madness?Our best attempt at deciphering the odds and plausibility of the wildest rumored cameos.
  7. sequels
    Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds Reunite for Deadpool 3Deadpool himself confirms that Shawn Levy will direct the film.
  8. vulture lists
    All 13 X-Men Movies, RankedHow does The New Mutants stack up?
  9. d3adpool
    Ryan Reynolds Confirms Deadpool 3 Is in the Works After Disney-Fox MergerD3adpool, if you will.
  10. movie review
    Is Once Upon a Deadpool Even a Movie?The conceit — Ryan Reynolds kidnapping Fred Savage, then recounting the plot of Deadpool 2 — barely hangs together.
  11. trailer mix
    Once Upon a Deadpool Trailer: Fred Savage Brings You a Kinder, Gentler AssassinYour 12-year-old is going to be almost as excited to see this movie as they were to watch the original R-rated cut.
  12. movies
    Disney May Hire Deadpool Writing Team for Next Pirates MovieYes, another one.
  13. tca 2018
    In the End, Marvel Killed Donald Glover’s Deadpool Animated Series, Says FX CEOThe Atlanta star had previously made it clear he was not too busy to work on the adult animated series he wrote with his brother.
  14. chaotic evil
    Kanye West Loves Deadpool So Much and Wants His Music to Be a Part of ItMaybe he thinks he shares “dragon energy” with Ryan Reynolds, too.
  15. Revisiting the Strange Cinematic Debut of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: WolverineIn X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Deadpool made his cinematic debut — but looked and acted nothing like the Deadpool we know now.
  16. Deadpool 2 Writers Defend Treatment of Female Characters“That was maybe our mistake, not to think about it.”
  17. The Deadpool Moment: The Inside Story of Marvel’s Boom BrandHe went from comic-book zero to cinema hero.
  18. sequential art
    Looking for a Deadpool Deep Dive? Here Are 5 of His Classic Comic-Book StoriesJust in time for the new flick.
  19. last night on late night
    Deadpool Takes Over Colbert’s Monologue, and Yes, He Knows He’s on TVHe’s got digs about Trump and Ryan Reynolds.
  20. deadpool 2
    Do You Need to See the First Deadpool to Enjoy Deadpool 2?A spoiler-free explainer.
  21. the videodome
    Céline Dion Serenades a Cranky Deadpool in This Ashes Music Video“Beat it, Spider-Man.”
  22. hissssss
    Was Donald Glover’s Deadpool Show Doomed by a Taylor Swift Episode?“It was HILARIOUS.”
  23. scripts
    Donald Glover Shares Mock Deadpool Script Spoofing Hollywood Racism“For the record: I wasn’t too busy to work on Deadpool.”
  24. tv
    Donald Glover and FX Walk Away From Deadpool Animated SeriesYou’ll have to get your superhero fix literally anywhere else.
  25. 9 Things We Learned From the Deadpool 2 TrailerThe movie will feature … Rob Delaney?
  26. trailer mix
    Deadpool 2 Trailer: They’re Forming a Super Duper F*ckin’ Group“So dark! You sure you’re not from the DC universe?”
  27. r rated
    Deadpool, a Bad Little Boy, Will Keep His R-Rating After Disney-Fox AcquisitionDisney CEO Bob Iger confirmed Deapool 2 can stay rated R.
  28. The ‘Deadpool’ Episode of ‘Hollywood Handbook’ Is Roughly a Million Times […]Pod-Canon is an ongoing tribute to the greatest individual comedy-related podcast episodes of all time. I finally caught up with the […]
  29. FXX Orders an Animated ‘Deadpool’ Series Co-Created by Donald GloverDonald Glover and his brother Stephen are working on a new show for FXX. According to The Wrap, the network has ordered an adult animated […]
  30. deadpool
    Adult-Oriented Deadpool Animated Series Coming to FXX, Donald Glover ShowrunningThis is a surprise move from Marvel, which has a ton of shows coming in the 2017-18 season.
  31. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman Have a Long History of Trolling Each OtherVIDEO: “You gave us Wolverine. And for that, I can’t forgive you.”
  32. Watch a Video of the Best Easter Eggs in the New Deadpool 2 ShortLet’s run through them.
  33. trailer mix
    Deadpool 2 Teaser: Wade Wilson Can Delay Seeing Logan If It Means Saving the DayDeadpool tries to channel Superman in a teaser scene that ran before Logan.
  34. egregious oversights
    Jake Gyllenhaal Loves Ryan Reynolds in DeadpoolAcademy, are you listening?
  35. deadpool
    Deadpool Was Movie Pirates’ Favorite Booty to Illegally Download in 2016Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War came in second and third.
  36. Ryan Reynolds and James Mangold Deny Deadpool’s Logan AppearanceLogan director James Mangold told fans Deadpool is “not in my film.”
  37. year in culture 2016
    Deadpool Was 2016’s Most Important Super-MovieWill Hollywood learn the right lessons?
  38. auteur theory
    Ex–Deadpool 2 Director Tim Miller Discusses Why He Left the Film“Don’t believe what you read on the Internet.”
  39. T.J. Miller Wants to Use Comedy to Soothe the Human Condition T.J. Miller cuts to the core. Whether shooting from the hip on local morning talk shows or waxing philosophical in his standup, Miller is […]
  40. self-affirmations
    Ryan Reynolds: Ryan Reynolds Is FunnyGood for you, Ryan! We are proud.
  41. new gigs
    Deadpool Director Switches to Sonic the HedgehogAfter leaving the Deadpool sequel, Miller’s got a new gig.
  42. auteur theory
    Deadpool 2 Loses Director for Creative ReasonsSorry to see you go, Tim Miller.
  43. passion projects
    Ryan Reynolds Personally Paid Deadpool WritersHow much does Ryan Reynolds love Deadpool? Let him count the ways.
  44. deadpool
    Deadpool Crashed Japanese X-Men TrailerOpen invitation for him to crash all trailers.
  45. money method acting
    Reynolds Paid to Have Bea Arthur in DeadpoolA cool $10,000.
  46. roll clip!
    Watch the Honest Trailer for DeadpoolIf we’re being honest here …
  47. Ryan Reynolds’s Touching Tribute to a 13-Year-Old Fan Will Probably Make You CryWe recommend you have Kleenex on hand for this one. 
  48. indecency
    Utah Theater in Trouble for Screening DeadpoolUndercover cops were sent to investigate!
  49. sequels
    Deadpool 2 Is Happening, BabyTim Miller’s directing again.
  50. the box office
    Deadpool Is Now Highest-Grossing R-Rated MovieYippee!
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