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  1. vulture lists
    Every HBO Show, RankedTaking stock of the premium network’s formidable catalogue.
  2. chapters
    The Day Deadwood DiedHow a single phone call and “a clash of fucking egos,” as star Ian McShane put it, led to the abrupt end of the beloved HBO series.
  3. chapters
    What Happened When I Started Going Back to the TrackHow the TV series Luck coincided with the biggest disaster in David Milch’s life.
  4. tv recaps
    Deadwood Season-Finale Recap: Bloody ThoughtsFor all the gore, madness, and opportunism showcased in this final hour, we’re left with a sense of hope for Deadwood, its characters, and ourselves.
  5. a show agreed upon
    Join Us In DeadwoodA new collection of recaps discussing season one of HBO’s classic western.
  6. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: Growing PainsAs Deadwood grows, so does the gap between the powerful and powerless generally, and the schism between the worlds of men and women in particular.
  7. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: Drawing StrawsA vivid supporting player steps into the spotlight in a story line where self-interest and civic-mindedness ironically intertwine.
  8. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: The Blessing of Legal StandingWith the camp on the brink of legitimacy, Al’s first priority is to make sure profits not only flow but grow.
  9. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: The Dam Has BrokenArguably Deadwood’s first great post-Bill guest character, Kristen Bell’s Flora is a walking, talking emblem of the camp’s dynamic.
  10. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: A World That Can’t BeThe women of Deadwood are doing what they feel they have to do to improve their lives — or prevent them from getting worse.
  11. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: High Fever BluesA brutal and exhausting hour brings forth a biblically inflected plague that torments the just and unjust alike.
  12. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: But That Would Be WrongThe camp’s creeping case of law and order seems to be settling around Seth.
  13. overnights
    Deadwood Recap: All Are NecessaryThis isn’t just a public tragedy, it’s a trauma inflicted on a town whose emerging self-image will be at least partly formed by it.
  14. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: Pardon My FrenchAl Swearengen has shown us many sides up until now, but this is the first episode where he’s seemed in over his head.
  15. tv recaps
    Deadwood Recap: Means to an End“Deep Water” establishes that while Deadwood is interested in matters of right and wrong, judgment of those matters is of less concern.
  16. tv recaps
    Deadwood Series-Premiere Recap: A Hell of a Place to Make Your FortuneHas law and order come for what Al Swearengen has built? He certainly seems to think so.
  17. overnights
    Deadwood Movie Recap: Before Eyes Close for Good and AllThe end has truly come for Deadwood — the town and the series — as we know it, but the future rolls on.
  18. chat room
    Why Paula Malcomson Came Back to Deadwood“I got to learn at the foot of a master.”
  19. tv review
    Deadwood: The Movie, At Long LastDavid Milch’s summation, benediction, and farewell to Deadwood is a story about the necessity of saying good-bye.
  20. vulture lists
    Every Deadwood Episode, RankedFeaturing kidney stones, brawls, and so much swearing.
  21. chat room
    What Timothy Olyphant Learned From Deadwood“Everybody knows how to steal a scene. F—king sleight-of-hand magicians, all of them.”
  22. tv
    Deadwood’s Ian McShane Doesn’t Normally Curse So Much“People say, ‘Oh, you must have had a ball improvising swearing.’ And I think, improvising swearing? No,” he tells the Daily Beast.
  23. chat room
    Ian McShane Says Good-bye to Deadwood“This show didn’t do the shit that so many other shows do, the shit that makes actors hate the work.”
  24. revivals
    Sundown on DeadwoodDavid Milch, battling Alzheimer’s, finally finishes his TV Western.
  25. revivals
    Against All Odds, the Deadwood Movie Is Probably Going to Premiere This SpringAfter a long wait.
  26. movies
    How Buster Scruggs, Godless, and Westworld Pulled Off Those Gun StuntsJoey Rocketshoes Dillon walks us through his ten most notable stunts.
  27. Paula Malcomson’s Message to Heartbroken Ray Donovan FansThe actress reveals how hard it was to say good-bye to Abby, and the latest on HBO’s much-anticipated Deadwood movie.
  28. the industry
    HBO’s Deadwood Movie Will Reportedly Ride Into Production Fall 2018Time to start saving up your swears.
  29. rumor mill
    HBO Chief: Long-Awaited Deadwood Movie Has a ‘Terrific’ ScriptBut the budget, cast, and director are still uncertain.
  30. r.i.p.
    Deadwood Actor Powers Boothe Dies at 68The actor most recently appeared as Gideon Malick on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  31. influences
    4 Things Westworld Will Remind You of (and One Thing It Won’t)HBO’s Westworld is a series that’s layered with familiar influences and previous stories.
  32. the industry
    HBO: Deadwood Movie Is ‘Going to Happen’It’s the second thing on David Milch’s to-do list.
  33. obituaries
    Deadwood’s Ralph Richeson Dies at 63He was discovered while working as an extra on the show.
  34. yes please
    A Deadwood Movie Might Be in the Works: ReportPreliminary talks have officially begun.
  35. stay tuned
    Can You Figure Out a Person by the TV They Like?Also: Is Friends homophobic?
  36. vulture festival
    David Milch Talks Deadwood, Boss TweedWatch the full interview!
  37. tributes
    Watch a 25-Minute Deadwood Video Essay by Matt Zoller SeitzAnd enjoy it, [profanity redacted]!
  38. It’s That Episode: Zack Poitras Talks ‘Deadwood’ and Dog PoopOn “It’s That Episode” Craig Rowin (Adult Swim’s Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, UCB Theatre) invites guests over to watch any episode of […]
  39. chat room
    Jim Beaver on Last Night’s JustifiedSpoilers ahead!
  40. seitz asks
    Seitz Asks: HBO Is Forty. What Are Its Greatest Shows, Movies, and Specials?Upon its 40th anniversary, our TV critic looks back at the cable network’s greatest achievements.
  41. most devoted fans
    Seitz: Why Fans Should Stop Trying to Bring Back Dead ShowsThe return of Arrested Development has shown fans they can bring anything back. But a resurrected show will never be satisfying.
  42. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz on Boss, Copper, and Hell on WheelsMuch of modern TV is said to take place in a post-Sopranos universe, but this summer David Milch’s gold-rush Western Deadwood seems just as influential.
  43. Seitz Asks: What TV Show Has Appeared in Your Dreams the Most?In this week’s edition of Seitz Asks, our TV critic says The Incredible Hulk, The X-Files, and Deadwood.
  44. matt zoller seitz
    Seitz Asks: What’s Your Favorite TV Fight Scene?Gonna go with something from Deadwood this week.
  45. boasts
    Star Wars TV Show Is ‘Deadwood in Space’“These aren’t for kids.”
  46. getting the band back together
    Nine TV Meta-Reunions We Want to SeeIf Parks and Recreation can bring West Wing together, can’t Homeland reunite My So-Called Life?
  47. drama derby
    The Greatest TV Drama of the Past 25 Years, Round One: Deadwood vs. BuffyStakes versus the S-word.
  48. drama derby
    What’s the Best TV Drama of the Last 25 Years?From Buffy to the Sopranos, sixteen dramas will vie for the title.
  49. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Translates HBO’s Apology Letter to David Milch FansLucky for you, we’ve pulled out our PR Flack–to–English dictionaries and have translated several key passages for your convenience.
  50. tube junkie
    A Few Words of Advice for David MilchWe’d avoid watching this video at work (or within 500 yards of a school).