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Death On The Nile

  1. enough reboots to fill the nile
    Hey, Kenneth Branagh, Leave Miss Marple Alone!Why not go for Tommy and Tuppence instead?
  2. movie review
    Death on the Nile Is a Pleasant, Overbaked TrifleIt’s totally crazy, but it works. Mostly.
  3. math
    Do They Have Enough Champagne in Death on the Nile to Fill the Nile?Let’s do some math.
  4. fall movies fantasy league
    Wonder Woman 1984 Is the Only Blockbuster Left StandingWith Death on the Nile and Free Guy pulled from the schedule, the year’s box office rests on Gal Gadot’s shoulders.
  5. covid-19
    Disney Pulls Free Guy and Death on the Nile From Under Your Tree This DecemberIf you’re still planning to take your family to a holiday movie, your options are basically Wonder Woman 1984 and Wonder Woman 1984.
  6. remakes
    Letitia Wright Joins Kenneth Branagh’s Mustache Vehicle Death on the NileWright joins Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot in a who’s who of hot potential murderers.
  7. casting
    Armie Hammer Joins Gal Gadot In Comically Attractive Death On The Nile RemakeThe next chapter in Hercule Poirot’s crime solving chronicles.
  8. the industry
    After Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile Heads to the Big ScreenTurns out, that Agatha Christie? Quite the mystery writer.
  9. screening room
    Forgotten Movies That Will Stop Family Feuds Over the HolidaysThese obscure but delightful picks will stop the brawls that break out over finding a film to stream that nobody has seen.