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  1. Let’s Decode Frank Ocean’s Calvin Klein AdWhat, exactly, has he been doing in those Calvins, hmmm?
  2. exclusive
    Read an Exclusive Annotated Lyric From the New Expanded Edition of Jay-Z’s DecodedRead Jay’s thoughts on “Lost One.”
  3. decoded
    Jay-Z Was on Charlie Rose Last NightSee the video!
  4. decoded
    Jay-Z’s Decoded Made Michiko Kakutani Realize That ‘Even Rhymes About Guns and Girls Have Hidden Meanings’Hova got a rave in the ‘Times’ today.
  5. chat room
    Jay-Z on Decoded“Yeah, it’s a real book!”
  6. decoded decoded
    Fact-Checking Jay-Z: Ten Instances in Which Decoded Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story“Jay is jumping from one extreme to another, when in reality the ‘buy vs. lease’ decision is quite complex.”
  7. last night’s gig
    The Five Best Stories Jay-Z Told Last Night at the New York Public Library“It was the groundbreaking ceremony for the Nets, he was sitting in front of me with this Batman suit on. I was thinking, ‘That’s quite odd.’”
  8. literature
    The Wall Street Journal Offers a Sneak Peek at Jay-Z’s Book of Annotated Lyrics“8. A reference to Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus.’”
  9. jay-z
    Jay-Z Memoir Will Be Published in NovemberIt’s called ‘Decoded.’