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Dennis Lehane

  1. how mysterious!
    How I Learned to Write Mysteries the Mystic River WayBy deconstructing Dennis Lehane’s best seller, Angie Kim was able to shape her own debut novel.
  2. books
    Dennis Lehane Can Relate to His Restless CharactersThe Boston novelist, whose Since We Fell is out this month, is a bit unsettled in California
  3. ben affleck
    Ben Affleck May Adapt Another Dennis Lehane Novel, Live by NightAbout a Prohibition-era police captain’s son who gets into organized crime.
  4. chat room
    Crime Fiction Kingpin Dennis Lehane on Going Back to the Boston of Gone, Baby, Gone“I’m not a mystery writer. Those are whodunnits and I’ve only written two of those and it’s very clear while reading them that I don’t give a shit who did it.”
  5. the industry
    Rachel Weisz’s Dream Is More Like a NightmarePlus: Lehane to finally write for big screen.
  6. trailer mix
    Shutter Island Trailer: Don’t Watch ThisSpoiler alert!
  7. the industry
    Kevin Spacey and Robin Williams to Play DoctorPlus: Sam Raimi does Dennis Lehane and Iron Man secures the border.
  8. the industry
    McLovin Returns!Plus: Madonna Gives Album Faintly Lewd Name!
  9. the industry
    Ben Kingsley to Steal ‘Shutter Island’ From Underneath Leonardo DiCaprioPlus industry news on Ridley Scott’s Gucci movie, Kevin James’ crappy movie, and Nicolas Cage’s two crappy movies!
  10. the industry
    John Cusack and Gong Li Get ShanghaiedPlus: What’s Russel Crowe up to?
  11. the industry
    Scorsese, DiCaprio Follow in the Afflecks’ FootstepsPlus industry news on Jay-Z, Ghostface, and Will Oldham.