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Derek Lam

  1. premieres
    Watch a Short Film Starring YTW’s Aya CashAs a woman on the verge of an emotional breakdown.
  2. the take
    Just How Bad of a Rapper Is Aretha Franklin’s Son?The Times obviously wants us to know he’s bad. But is he Shaq bad?
  3. agenda
    Jeffrey Sachs Has Actual Solutions For Poverty, PollutionObama’s looking for a new foreign-policy adviser, and he could do far worse than Columbia’s superstar economist, that rare critic of the Bush administration and the global power structure who deigns to offer actual solutions.
  4. quote machine
    From Lee King to the King of the Jews: The Best Quotes of 2007“My mind thinks like that all the time, coming up with crazy clever metaphors and rhymery thingies.”
  5. vulture lists
    10 Video Games That Should Be MoviesHow will Hollywood win us back after the writers strike? They’ll have to make movies based on video games. And not just the crappy kind they’ve been pumping out for the past decade — good ones!