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  1. teen drama
    Peacock Enters the Moody Broody Teen Space With One of Us Is Lying TeaserLike The Breakfast Club if The Breakfast Club was about American Eagle models who maybe do a murder.
  2. movie review
    Movie Review: Detention Is a Future Cult ClassicThis frantic, deranged mash-up is being billed as a hip teen slasher movie, but it’s more like The Breakfast Club meets Donnie Darko.
  3. exclusive
    Watch Josh Hutcherson and Dane Cook Discuss Music Blogs in an Exclusive Detention ClipJust think of it as The Hipster Games.
  4. clickables
    See the Trailer for the Teen Slasher Spoof DetentionFeaturing Dane Cook as the high school principal.
  5. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Weisz, Law & Order: L.A.Plus: Three actors join ‘Buried’ screenwriter’s ‘ATM’ thriller.