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  1. diana sings!
    Diana: The Musical Is Like If All These Other Diana Projects Were Also a MusicalThis taped production will stream on Netflix before it opens on Broadway.
  2. broadway
    Diana Musical to Return to Broadway in December, After Premiering on NetflixIt’s the first Broadway production to set a date for reopening.
  3. theater
    Broadway’s Diana Musical to Be Filmed Without an Audience for NetflixIt’ll drop early next year, while the show still plans to return to the stage.
  4. vulture recommends
    What to Stream While Broadway Is Shut DownSuggested substitutes for the shows you’re missing while theaters are dark.
  5. broadway
    Princess Diana, Percy Jackson Musicals Head to Broadway As So Much Else ClosesBoth will play the Longacre Theater this season.
  6. trailer mix
    Diana Trailer: Princess and a Surgeon, Sitting in a TreeDrama.
  7. trailer mix
    Diana Teaser: Princesses Get Lonely, TooEspecially when they’re barely princesses anymore.