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  1. This ‘We’re Trying’ Sketch is a Lesson in HeighteningBy the end of We’re Trying, I was laughing out loud, and that was for a couple of reasons. First, the jokes were just funny. Throughout. This […]
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    Gucci Mane Just Dropped 3 Meal-Centric AlbumsEat up. We have as many questions as you do.
  3. Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks Eat Dinner Together Every Night“[Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks] have this nightly dinner that they do at Carl Reiner’s house and they’ve been doing it for some years. They get […]
  4. President Obama and Jimmy Kimmel Eat Dinner with/Tell Jokes to NerdsDo you like your baseball inside? The White House Correspondence Dinner was this weekend and it was like the World Series up in there. The […]