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Disaster Movies

  1. coming soon
    What’s Bigger Than an F5 Twister? Twisters.Twisters have found their misters.
  2. movie review
    A Quiet Place Part II Will Turn You Into a Nervous WreckBut in a good way.
  3. movie review
    Greenland Might Actually Be Too EffectiveI wanted to see Gerard Butler fight a comet named Clarke. Instead, I got a real movie.
  4. movie review
    Save Yourselves! Is a Small, Charming Comedy About the ApocalypseSunita Mani and John Reynolds bicker and mull their way through an alien invasion.
  5. friday night movie club
    Twister Is the Perfect ’90s Disaster MovieHelen Hunt and Bill Paxton bickering about who gets to throw themself in front of a tornado first, while giving each other the F me eyes? Say less.
  6. coronavirus
    The Ending of Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion, RevisitedNearly ten years later, in the midst of our own potential pandemic, the disaster movie is less horror and more comfort food.
  7. trailer mix
    The Hurricane Heist Trailer Gives You a Wild Heist — During a HurricaneDon’t ever settle for either a crime caper or a natural-disaster movie when you can have both.
  8. disaster movies
    So What Exactly Is Going On With Gerard Butler’s Geostorm?Jerry Bruckheimer was brought in to oversee reshoots, Andy García is president, and there’s something called “Dutch Boy.”
  9. casting couch
    T.J. Miller Joins Kristen Stewart in Earthquake Disaster Movie UnderwaterWho better to accompany you to your watery grave?