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Doll And Em

  1. HBO’s ‘Doll & Em’ Exposes Female Friendship For What it Really Is: High […]I’ve always preferred the original The Office to its fattened up American counterpart. Why take nine seasons to do what’s already been done in […]
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    Seitz on Doll & Em: The Dark Side of BFFhoodA shocking TV development: a very realistic depiction of two women’s friendship.
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    Emily Mortimer on Her HBO Comedy Doll & Em“Let’s just write it for ourselves. It’s hard enough to get a job.”
  4. Ebon Moss-Bachrach on Marnie’s Viral Video and Being Her Reluctant Bandmate“He’s been kicked out of, like, sixteen bands in New York.”
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    Watch Emily Mortimer in Her Curbed-Style ComedyCalled Doll and Em.