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  1. trailer mix
    Behold Greta Gerwig’s Perm in the White Noise TrailerNoah Baumbach’s new film gets ’80s period coiffure correct.
  2. trailer mix
    Meet Steven Soderbergh’s Criminal Cast in New No Sudden Move TrailerStarring Jon Hamm, Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, and more.
  3. election 2020
    Chris Evans, Paul Rudd, Avengers Gang Join Forces for Joe Biden FundraiserHosted by the Russo Brothers.
  4. casting
    Steven Soderbergh Rounds Up Film Twitter Favorites for No Sudden MoveDon Cheadle, David Harbour, Kieran Culkin, Noah Jupe, and more star.
  5. last night on late night
    Please Make All of These People Indiana JonesAnd let Don Cheadle play the boulder, too!
  6. emmy studio 2019
    The Black Monday Cast Talks Fake Cocaine and Plays a Game of Password“They actually got real cocaine from the ‘80s.”
  7. last night on late night
    SNL: ‘Pound Puppy’ Offers a Unique Solution to a Delicate ProblemBecause not everyone is cool with locking their dog in the laundry room.
  8. snl
    Don Cheadle and Alex Moffat Are Fake Cops With Real Guns in This SNL PromoCheadle makes his SNL hosting debut this weekend.
  9. snl
    Don Cheadle to Make His SNL Debut Next MonthHe’ll be joined by musical guest Gary Clark Jr.
  10. trailer mix
    It’s Cocaine and Financial Catastrophe in the First Black Monday TrailerAndrew Rannells and Don Cheadle are going to break the world.
  11. castings
    Regina Hall and Casey Wilson Join the Pilot for Showtime’s Ball StreetThey join stars Andrew Rannells and Don Cheadle.
  12. Regina Hall, Casey Wilson, Paul Scheer, and More Join Showtime Pilot ‘Ball […]Showtime’s comedy pilot Ball Street is rounding out its cast. The network announced today that Casey Wilson, Regina Hall, Paul Scheer, Kurt […]
  13. Don Cheadle and Andrew Rannells to Star in ‘Ball Street’ Showtime Pilot […] Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg have a new TV project in the works. Showtime just announced that the two will produce and direct an upcoming […]
  14. missed connections
    Don Cheadle Didn’t Realize His Rush Hour 2 Character Inspired Kendrick LamarKendrick Lamar has a better memory than Don Cheadle.
  15. videology
    Watch Don Cheadle Lip-Sync in Kendrick Lamar’s ‘DNA.’ VideoIt’s Kung Fu Kenny and… Oscar nominee Don Cheadle!
  16. year in culture 2016
    The Best Film Performances of 2016It would be much easier to make a Worst Performances of 2016 list than one that could do justice to all the terrific ones.
  17. Don Cheadle on Playing Basketball With ObamaNo one wants to guard the president.
  18. house of lies
    House of Lies to End After Season 5The show’s series finale was filmed on location in Cuba.
  19. outtakes
    Things You Learn Hanging Out With Don CheadleAnd when you tell him you sprained your ankle in broad daylight, he’ll joke, “Why were you drinking so early?”
  20. last night on late night
    The Civil War Cast Discusses RDJ’s BirthdayThe Civil War cast visits Jimmy Kimmel.
  21. filmmakers
    Don Cheadle Got Directing Advice From ClooneyIt involves push-ups.
  22. movie review
    Don Cheadle Is Electrifying in Miles AheadBut the movie has a power outage. 
  23. encounter
    Don Cheadle on His Miles Davis Movie, Miles Ahead“This business retires you. You don’t retire from the business very often.”
  24. trailer mix
    Miles Ahead Trailer: Don Cheadle Is Feeling Kind of BlueCheadle stars in and directs this Miles Davis biopic.
  25. last night on late night
    Learn From Landecker: No Sex Jokes on Red Carpet(Kids might be present!)
  26. new york film festival
    Don’t Call Don Cheadle’s New Miles Davis Movie Miles Ahead a Biopic“This needs to have the essence and spirit of Miles, which is … I don’t give a shit about facts.”
  27. last night on late night
    Kevin Bacon, Don Cheadle, and Nick Jonas Are Just Awful at PictionarySleeping train!
  28. crowdfunding
    Don Cheadle Launches Indiegogo for Miles Davis BiopicHe’s looking to raise $325,000.
  29. amazing things
    Beyoncé and Jay Z Released a Crazy Tour TrailerIt’s a bit like Spring Breakers, if Spring Breakers starred Beyoncé and Jay Z.
  30. improv
    Watch Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell Try ImprovWatch the full episode of House of Lies Live.
  31. Showtime Is Releasing a Longform Improv Special Starring the ‘House of […]Showtime announced today that they produced a live longform improv special starring the cast of their show House of Lies and that they’ll be […]
  32. casting couch
    Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic Is Finally HappeningHe’ll direct and star in Kill the Trumpet Player.
  33. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Hugh Jackman Vied for the Oscar VotePlus: How estrogen had fueled the Matt Damon cameo on House of Lies, per Don Cheadle, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  34. last night on late night
    Mindy Kaling Thinks Seth Rogen Mocked HerPlus: A mentalist read James Spader’s mind, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  35. captain planet
    Don Cheadle Returns As Captain Planet, and He’s Still a DickYup, he’s still terrible.
  36. Don Cheadle Returns as Captain Planet for Funny or Die Don Cheadle is back as America’s leading eco-conscious superhero Captain Planet in this new video from Funny or Die, written and directed by […]
  37. house of lies
    Watch Ben Schwartz Sh*t-Talk Don CheadleJean-Ralphio goes off.
  38. Ben Schwartz Seems to Really Hate Don Cheadle and Really Love Profanity What an ass Don Cheadle is. What is he even the Don of? Jerks? It’s wonderful that Ben Schwartz was brave enough to tell the truth. This is […]
  39. last night on late night
    Don Cheadle Squirted Mousse at Audience MemberPlus: Betty White just lost $5 on her 50-year-old poker game, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  40. supercut
    Breaking the Fourth Wall: From Ferris Bueller to Zack Morris to House of Lies And Woody Allen, Wayne of Wayne’s World, and so many more.
  41. Assessing the House of Lies Pilot: Is It a Series to Watch?House of Lies is set to premiere this Sunday on Showtime, but they put the pilot onYouTube yesterday. The show is about a not-so-ragtag group […]
  42. Watch the Slick, French-Toast-Filled Premiere of House of Lies Right Now What’s this? The entire first episode of House of Lies, Showtime comedy with Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell and Ben Schwartz? Oh I do believe it […]
  43. tv
    Watch Don Cheadle’s Showtime Show, House of LiesThe nudity and cursing are edited out.
  44. House Of Lies Trailer Might Make You Want To Occupy Wall Street I have the sneaking suspicion, based on the House of Lies trailer posted by co-star Ben Schwartz, that the new Showtime show might be coming […]
  45. House Of Lies Promo Appeals to America’s Love Of Don Cheadle’s Balls In case you weren’t thinking about Don Cheadle’s balls yet today (which you were), Ben Schwartz aka Jean-Ralphio posted a House of Lies promo […]
  46. Don Cheadle Makes For a Somewhat Less Friendly Captain Planet Here’s a new one from Funny or Die, which features Don Cheadle as everyone’s favorite eco-friendly superhero, Captain Planet. His crew of […]
  47. clickables
    Watch Don Cheadle’s Disheartening Captain Planet RemakeTurns out Captain Planet doesn’t really care about the Earth anymore.
  48. Let Don Cheadle Care for Your Hangin’ Brains at Sacks West In this new Funny or Die video, Don Cheadle invites you to his Sacks West resort and spa, where they pamper the most delicate and vital part […]
  49. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Brian Williams Impersonates the ‘Plush Toy’–Size Regis PhilbinPlus: Neil Patrick Harris contemplates sex with Smurfs, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  50. chat room
    Don Cheadle on The Guard, His Beef With Gisele Bündchen, and the Odds of a Miles Davis Biopic“It’s a difficult time to make films, especially ones that don’t have people flying or sequels or cars.”
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