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  1. respect the classics
    Donald Fagen Reviews Eagles: ‘Good Band’Any major dude will tell you about their purported rivalry.
  2. respect the classics
    Honey, Wake Up, New Steely Dan Just DroppedHot from the vaults, it’s a beer jingle recorded before Countdown to Ecstasy.
  3. respect the classics
    Steely Dan’s Holy Grail of Recordings Has Been Found“The Second Arrangement” was an accidentally erased Gaucho-era track.
  4. respect the classics
    Sex Pistols Guitarist Prefers Steely Dan to His Own Band“I’m f-cking tired of it, to be honest with you.”
  5. respect the classics
    There’s Another War Brewing in the Steely Dan UniverseDonald Fagen denies that Aimee Mann was dropped from the band’s tour because “their audience wouldn’t like a female singer-songwriter.”
  6. respect the classics
    Steely Dan’s Fall Tour Is a Thrill You Can BuyAnd two new live albums.
  7. respect the classics
    David Crosby Gets His Steely Dan Moment With ‘Rodriguez for a Night’The song was written by Donald Fagen and sounds straight off Gaucho.
  8. perfection
    6 Times Steely Dan Nearly Crushed Famous Musicians’ MoraleSomeone give Mark Knopfler belated therapy.
  9. respect the classics
    A War Is Brewing in the Steely Dan UniverseIt’s Donald Fagen vs. Walter Becker’s widow.
  10. arrests
    Steely Dan’s Fagen Arrested on Assault ChargeHis wife, the singer Libby Titus, received an order of protection against him.