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  1. news reel
    Stars Turn Out for Launch of New Music-Website ThingyBono: “They say that Soulja Boy will get 200 million views in 2009 … I’d settle for U2 having one actual hit in 2009.”
  2. apropos of nothing
    Universal Music Slashes Staff, Doug Morris Still EmployedMusic industry analyst Perez Hilton is reporting that Universal Music Group record labels Interscope and Geffen merged their staffs, eliminating the jobs of about 60 people.
  3. the early-evening news
    Hilarious Doug Morris Interview Now a Hilarious Web ComicPlus: Conan O’Brien the world’s greatest boss?
  4. apropos of nothing
    Universal Music CEO Doug Morris Speaks, Recording Industry in Even Deeper Shit Than We ThoughtIn the December issue of Wired, Seth Mnookin sits down with Universal Music Group CEO/supervillain Doug Morris for a pretty excellent profile. In it, Morris says something insanely stupid.
  5. the take
    Universal Music Group to Challenge iTunes With Inferior Online Store Four Years Too LateLike iTunes, Universal’s Total Music will offer a vast selection of songs and albums for download, but unlike Apple’s store, it will be wildly unpopular.