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  1. disappointments
    Downfall Needs More Falling DownWe thought the new ABC game show was about people getting chucked off buildings. It’s not.
  2. Hitler Mad About Hitler Being Yanked Off YouTubeA production company tries to make Hitler angry.
  3. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Winona Ryder, Robert ZemeckisPlus: Olivia Thirlby lands lead in sci-fi flick.
  4. movies
    Hitler Reacts to the News Sandra Bullock Won’t Be Attending the German Premiere of The Blind SideThis is some next-level “Hitler Finds Out” meme-ery.
  5. tv
    Hitler Reacts to the News That Jersey Shore Might Not Be Filmed in JerseySo predictable, so funny.
  6. news reel
    The Director of Downfall Speaks Out on All Those Angry YouTube HitlersSurprise: He loves them!
  7. avatar
    Hitler Predictably Unhappy About Avatar Trailer“Who the hell wants ‘The Clone Wars: Thundercats’?”