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  1. doctor’s orders
    Cash Dr. Phil OutsideHis show is ending after 21 seasons, howbowdah?
  2. emmys 2021
    Let’s Just Say a Dr. Phil Cameo Did Not Make This Emmys Skit Better, Per SeIn which Alyson Hannigan thinks she was The Mother.
  3. abuse
    Bhad Bhabie Details ‘Abuse’ at Utah Ranch Where Dr. Phil Sends Teens“I was so scared to speak out, because I was like, no one’s going to believe me. A lot of things that happened to me there, it hurt me so bad.”
  4. mental health
    Shelley Duvall Reflects on Her 2016 Dr. Phil Interview“I found out the kind of person he is the hard way.”
  5. extremely online
    Dr. Phil Beseeches You to Please, Stop Commenting ‘Daddy’ on All His Posts“It’s a little weird.”
  6. call oprah
    Feast Your Eyes on Dr. Phil’s House of Horrors, on Sale for $5.75 MillionLook at your own peril.
  7. wedded bliss
    A Banner Weekend for Celebrity WeddingsWe just love love.
  8. mental health
    Sophie Turner Says She Was Dealing With Depression During Game of Thrones“I would say I am spotty, I am fat, I am a bad actress, and I believed it.”
  9. controversies
    Dr. Phil Denies Show Helped Guests With Addictions Get Drugs and Alcohol“The show does not give drugs or alcohol to its guests and any suggestions to the contrary is errant nonsense.”
  10. last night on late night
    Leslie Jones Has a Wild True Story (or Is It a Lie?) for Dr. Phil“I got chased through a drive-through by a car. On a date.”
  11. Vivian Kubrick Slams Dr. Phil’s Duvall Interview“Whatever dignity a mere unfortunate creature might have in this world, is denied her by your displaying her in this way.”
  12. making a murderer
    Making a Murderer’s Steven Avery Will Be Interviewed on Dr. PhilAvery will phone in from behind bars.
  13. the industry
    Amber Rose’s Next Stop in Conquering the World Is a VH1 Talk ShowProduced by Dr. Phil.
  14. reboots
    MacGyver Reboot Headed to CBS“Don’t thank me. Thank the moon’s gravitational pull.”
  15. walkout
    Buffy’s Nicholas Brendon Walked Off Dr. Phil“Dr. Phil went for the jugular.”
  16. twitterror
    Dr. Phil Asks If It’s Okay to Have Sex With Drunk GirlsAnd gets his own Twitter scandal.
  17. community
    The Community Writers Defaced a Dr. Phil PosterDina Lohan wishes!
  18. video
    Video: Dina Lohan’s Wacky Dr. Phil Interview“Are we rolling?”
  19. goodbyes
    With Regis and Oprah Gone, Will Daytime Talk Go the Way of the Soap Opera?Are talk shows following the downhill ratings slide of late-night TV, evening news, and soap operas?
  20. the industry
    Eli Roth Is a ‘Bastard’Plus: Laurence Fishburne is going to have to learn how to use the ‘CSI’ semen lamp.