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  1. hey now!
    The Super Mario Bros. Movie Producer Is Eyeing Shrek 5And a possible spinoff series for Donkey!
  2. swamp reads
    Five Books to Read Before Rewatching ShrekTexts to help you appreciate more than just the fart jokes and pop culture winks.
  3. movie review
    The Croods 2 Isn’t Nearly As Fun As Just Repeatedly Saying ‘The Croods’ Out LoudParty on, Croods!
  4. tv
    The Boss Baby Is Getting His Own Netflix SeriesComing to Netflix in 2018.
  5. animation domination
    Zootopia, Pixar, and the Animation LandscapeAnd don’t forget the ever-prolific DreamWorks.
  6. voice acting
    Kung Fu Panda 3 Enlists Bryan Cranston, Rebel WilsonYour kid loves them, right?
  7. schedules
    DreamWorks Animation Now Making Three Films a Year, Announces Twelve of ThemYou’re getting a How to Train Your Dragon sequel and threequel.
  8. money
    Foreigners Kill Monsters vs. Aliens 2“There was enough of a consensus from our distribution and marketing folks in certain parts of the world that we would be pushing a boulder up a hill.”
  9. the industry
    Adrien Brody and Forest Whitaker Headed for the ClinkPlus: Shaq does comedy.
  10. the industry
    Ricky Gervais Is Punching InPlus: Summit Entertainment just can’t get enough of vampires.
  11. Monsters vs. Aliens Gets a Completely Justified Federal BailoutSeems perfectly reasonable to us!