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Dress Rehearsal

  1. Ten Weird, Wonderful, and Recently Cut ‘SNL’ SketchesEarlier this week, SNL released the newest “Cut For Time” sketch “Morning News,” a risky but welcome take on the recent events in Ferguson that […]
  2. Watch ‘SNL’s Cut Ferguson Sketch About a St. Louis Morning ShowIf you thought SNL dropped the ball this week by opening with a silly Al Sharpton sketch instead of something that more directly tackled the […]
  3. Watch Two Cut ‘SNL’ Sketches About Twitter and Dancing Robots SNL released two sketches today that were cut for time from last weekend’s episode hosted by Woody Harrelson, and they’re a delightful mix of […]
  4. Watch Louis C.K. as an Asexual Alien in a Cut ‘SNL’ SketchHere’s a sketch cut after SNL’s dress rehearsal this past weekend in which host Louis C.K. plays an asexual alien named Zartag who escapes his […]
  5. 4 Simple Ways (and 1 Slightly Less Simple Way) to Improve ‘SNL’People like to talk shit about SNL and then in turn give advice. SNL has been a perpetual motion machine for 37 years, almost exclusively […]