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Dublin Murders

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    Dublin Murders Finale Recap: Mummy and DaddyIf you were hoping for every puzzle piece to click into place, then you’ll be sadly disappointed.
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    Dublin Murders Recap: Attrition. Sedition. Depose the King.And just like that, Cassie-Lexie’s story wraps up in an extravagant festival of confession.
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    Dublin Murders Recap: House of LiesThe series introduces us to Cassie’s housemates and their many secrets, as it inelegantly plows through 450 pages of novel in 60 minutes.
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    Dublin Murders Recap: Left BehindCassie and Rob are two planets that have slipped their orbits, neither really equipped to tackle what they’re facing alone.
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    Dublin Murders Recap: DoppelgängerThe series sends Rob and Cassie off in two different directions, prioritizing a shiny new mystery at the expense of the first.
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    Dublin Murders Recap: a ReckoningThe series’ attempts to plausibly layer two already implausible book premises may already be falling apart.
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    Dublin Murders Recap: The Murder GodsAs Cassie and Rob’s investigation branches out, a new complication is speeding toward Knocknaree.
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    Dublin Murders Premiere Recap: Is This Happening?Starz’s adaptation of Tana French’s beloved Dublin Murders books does a lot right as it establishes its main mystery and central detective duo.