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  1. psas
    Be Careful DVR-ing The Americans TonightIf you’re reading this before 10 p.m. EST, it’s not too late to avoid catastrophe!
  2. Nielsen Will Expand from Inaccurate TV Ratings to Inaccurate Streaming […] The Nielsen Company has been the only arbiter of TV ratings for decades now (and an absurdly inaccurate one at that), and now the company is […]
  3. 30 rock finale
    When DVRing Tonight’s 30 Rock Finale, Add Extra Time to the End“Stuff happens in the tag,” says a 30 Rock producer. 
  4. Looking at the DVR NumbersIn the New York Times yesterday Bill Carter looked at the DVR numbers from this past season. He focused on Smash, a show whose 18-49 rating […]
  5. Modern Family Rules, American Idol DroolsDeal with this, American Idol: when you take into account “time-shifters” (sadly not a time travel term, just a jargony word for people who […]
  6. Networks Are Factoring DVR Into Ratings, But Will It Make a Difference?Totally Obvious News of the day: ratings for shows are really, really different when you factor in DVR. Networks are finally starting to count […]
  7. It’s Official: No One Watches TV on the TV AnymoreIt’s a good thing TV ratings aren’t the stock market, because we would all be screwed. Like, more than we are now. This series of comparisons […]
  8. How Streaming Video and DVR Raise the Bar for SitcomsI have no clue when my favorite television shows are on. Despite loyally following five or six different half-hour comedies over the past […]
  9. tv
    Your DVR and Cable Box Use More Energy Than Your RefrigeratorSet-top boxes cost Americans $3 billion per year.
  10. conan
    Conan Doing Really Well, If You Count DVR NumbersHe has 100,000 more viewers in the demo than Jay.
  11. Your DVR Has Better Taste Than YouYour schadenfreude of the day: “It turns out that the search tools on some DVRs cannot find the new show, $#*! My Dad Says, because the symbols […]
  12. nielsen ratings
    Nielsen Ratings to Count Online Viewing: Far More Ads Likely to FollowThe era of easy, ad-free online viewing may be ending
  13. money
    Half of DVR Owners Too Lazy to Skip Past CommercialsObviously, the networks are thrilled!