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  1. k-pop
    BTS Doesn’t Want to Keep Singing in EnglishBut the band’s label president said BTS was “mindful of the company’s needs” by recording fully English songs.
  2. bts
    BTS Are Set to Take Over The Tonight ShowWith a week of performances.
  3. it’s lit
    BTS Light Up an Amusement Park for ‘Dynamite’ Performance on AGTShowing America’s Got Talent what talent is.
  4. song review
    BTS Is Way Ahead of UsBTS has made inroads with American listeners before, but never quite like this.
  5. videology
    Let BTS Charm You Entirely in English for the First Time in ‘Dynamite’ VideoNow with bloopers!
  6. record breaking
    BTS Shatters Previously Held YouTube Record With ‘Dynamite’After racking up over 101 million views in 24 hours.