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Earwolf Challenge

  1. Talking to Elizabeth Laime, Winner of the Earwolf Challenge and Host of […]Last week, comedy writer Elizabeth Laime won the Earwolf Challenge, an intense, months-long competition that resulted in her podcast, Totally […]
  2. The Earwolf Challenge Declares its WinnerIt’s a big week for the Earwolf podcasting network for two reasons: 1) Earwolf’s partnership with Funny or Die just kicked off on Monday, and […]
  3. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week EightIn this week’s Earwolf Challenge, podcast network Earwolf’s weekly competition to select its newest show, host Matt Besser and the producers […]
  4. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week SevenThe Earwolf Challenge, the weekly contest to crown one amateur podcast as the Earwolf network’s newest show, is barreling towards it dramatic […]
  5. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week SixThe Earwolf Challenge, the competition to become podcasting network Earwolf’s newest show, is closing in on its final weeks, with only four […]
  6. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week FiveThe fifth week of the competition is now over, and we’re down to the Final Five podcasts competing for a year-long contract with Earwolf. […]
  7. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week FourAnd then there were six. Another week of the podcasting competition Earwolf Challenge is now behind us, and another aspiring podcast has been […]
  8. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week ThreeWith the third week of the Earwolf Challenge now over, the number of competing podcasts is dwindling fast. Host Matt Besser was once again […]
  9. Earwolf Challenge Update: Week TwoThe Earwolf Challenge, the reality competition podcast, held its second round of eliminations this week, with the total number of remaining […]
  10. Earwolf Challenge Update: The First EliminationAfter the introduction of the 10 contending podcasts last week, the Earwolf Challenge kicked off its actual competition on Monday, with the […]
  11. Earwolf Joins Forces With Funny or DieAs clever as combining jelly and peanut butter in a jar but without the “being disgusting” part, Earwolf and Funny or Die are blending their […]
  12. The Earwolf Challenge: America’s First Reality Competition PodcastThe comedy podcast boom is still going strong, but a new podcast debuted this week that’s looking to shake things up by trying something […]