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  1. ch-ch-ch-changes
    ABC Rescuing Ugly Betty From Friday NightWednesday night is so much kinder.
  2. bad luck charms
    Lindsay Price’s Co-Workers Encouraged to Keep Their Résumés Up-to-DateABC’s cancellation of ‘Eastwick’ marks Price’s fourth consecutive bomb.
  3. witches
    ABC Burns EastwickABC has decided not to order additional episodes of Updike-besmirching witch-drama ‘Eastwick.’
  4. the industry
    Angelina Jolie to Hit the CatwalkPlus: Judy Greer! Wal-Mart! ‘Castle’!
  5. surf
    Nussbaum on Eastwick: ‘Lord, Is This Show Depressing’Fortunately for ABC, she has good things to say about ‘FlashForward.’