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Easy On Me

  1. way too close reads
    All the Best Advice From Adele’s 30It’s like Chicken Soup for the Soul but for millennials.
  2. records on records
    Adele Takes an Easy Ride to No. 1 With ‘Easy on Me’After breaking Spotify’s 24-hour global streaming record.
  3. song review
    There Is Still Nothing Like New AdeleEven if “Easy on Me” resembles, on its surface, something old and familiar.
  4. scary
    Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’ Is a Song About Her PoltergeistMany people, including Adele, are saying that her new song, “Easy On Me,” is about her divorce. Unfortunately, it is about a vengeful demon.
  5. homecoming
    After 6 Years of Waiting, Adele’s Back With ‘Easy On Me’Yes, we’re already SOBBING!
  6. rumour has it
    Adele’s First Instagram Live Includes Sneak Peek of ‘Easy on Me’“I’m gonna get in trouble.”
  7. 30 for 30
    30 Questions for Adele’s ‘30’As rumors of the singer-songwriter’s fourth album swirl, here’s every little and big thing we’re wondering.