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Edge Of Tomorrow

  1. live die repeat
    Time Loops, Ahoy! An Edge of Tomorrow Sequel Is in the WorksBlunt and Cruise could return if they like the script, so they better get this right!
  2. movies
    Robots Have Become One of 21st-Century Cinema’s Go-To Blockbuster ClichésIf you plan on going to the movies this weekend, or this month, or at any point this summer, it might help if you like robots.
  3. movies
    Bill Paxton on Trading Quotes With Tom Cruise“Actors always know the credit the other actor is most proud of.”
  4. tom cruise
    Which Country Loves Tom Cruise the Most?Hint: Its population is 320,137.
  5. movies
    Edge of Tomorrow: The Pinnacle of Video-Game CinemaLive. Die. Repeat. You see?
  6. movie review
    Edelstein: Edge of Tomorrow Is Fun, Even If the Seams ShowA group of high-paid screenwriters clearly had a hell of a time figuring out how much repetition we can take.
  7. stats
    How Much Did the Oprah Effect Cost Tom Cruise?Hollywood’s most durable action hero returns in Edge of Tomorrow.
  8. last night on late night
    Emily Blunt Almost Killed Tom CruiseWhile shooting Edge of Tomorrow.
  9. trailer mix
    Edge of Tomorrow Trailer: The Tom Cruise LoopIt’s like Groundhog Day, but with fighting and exoskeletons.
  10. what’s in a name?
    Tom Cruise’s Next Sci-Fi Romp Gets a New NameAnd there’s a mech-tastic photo of Cruise with Emily Blunt.