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Elden Ring

  1. hard mode
    How Much Should a Video Game Tell You?In titles such as Elden Ring, Outer Wilds, and Tears of the Kingdom, a lack of information is part of the … charm?
  2. chapters
    In Video Games, There’s a Fine Line Between Difficulty and DisrespectFromSoftware’s miserable, massively popular titles complicate what it means to “enjoy” a game.
  3. grammys
    Which Old Video-Game Score Would Have Won a Grammy?Predicting past winners for the Recording Academy’s new music-in-gaming category.
  4. summoning help
    The YouTubers Who Kindled the Fire for Elden RingFromSoftware’s games may deliver relentless death, but their online community gives players new life.
  5. video games
    Go Ahead, Play Elden RingIt will still kick your ass, but it doesn’t want to grind you into a pulp.