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  1. do you believe
    Cher Rescuing the World’s Loneliest Elephant Was Totally on Our 2020 Bingo CardsAs one does.
  2. vulture recommends
    Meghan Markle Makes Glorious Return to Acting by Narrating Elephant Farts“Oh, dear. Ah, who did that?”
  3. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle to Join Disney Family With Charity Voiceover DealNo, she’s not voicing a Disney princess, but we can dream.
  4. elephants
    HBO Defends the Use of Elephants on Westworld After PETA AccusationThe animal-rights organization alleges one of the elephants used on the show can be seen being abused by its handlers in a video.
  5. no elephants on parade
    Ringling Bros to Feature Elephants for Last TimeElephants have been a part of the circus for over 200 years.
  6. Baby Elephant Loves Wood Shavings More Than You Love AnythingMommy & Me looks like fun!
  7. clickables
    See Robert Pattinson Seduce an ElephantWork it.