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Elizabeth Chambers

  1. coming soon
    Elizabeth Chambers to Host Investigation Discovery Show on Toxic RelationshipsNews of the series comes just after ex-husband Armie Hammer gave his first big interview.
  2. get the sage
    Elizabeth Chambers Has Seen the Armie Hammer Docuseries“It was obviously heartbreaking on so many levels and very painful,” she says of her in-laws.
  3. allegations
    Elizabeth Chambers Responds to Armie Hammer Allegations“I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know.”
  4. splits
    Elizabeth Chambers Drops the HammerCall me through my lawyer.
  5. cor cordium
    A Eulogy for Armie Hammer’s Tracksuits, Which He Has RetiredOh, to see without our eyes!
  6. impersonations
    Someone Reportedly Impersonated Armie Hammer’s Wife to Get an Oscar Party TicketMeanwhile, your attempts to impersonate Armie Hammer’s wife for a lifetime of happiness with Armie Hammer remain unsuccessful.