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Elizabeth Taylor

  1. queens on queens
    Katy Perry Says Elizabeth Taylor Was the ‘First True Influencer’ in New PodcastBon appétit, fans of old Hollywood glamour and Katy cats alike.
  2. the gold rush
    The Golden Globes Will Never Top Elizabeth Taylor’s ‘Gladiator!!!’ MomentThe most unhinged envelope-opening ever is exactly why we love the Golden Globes.
  3. biopicked
    Rachel Weisz Has A Special Relationship With Elizabeth Taylor’s BiopicIt’s been long enough that we can all think “Elizabeth Taylor biopic” without immediately thinking of Lindsay Lohan, right?
  4. me: elton john
    13 of the Best Celebrity Stories From Elton John’s Name-dropping Memoir, MeFrom trash-talking with Freddie Mercury, to reuniting John and Yoko, and plenty more.
  5. old hollywood
    Courtney Love Has the Best Elizabeth Taylor StoriesThey all involve diamonds, naturally.
  6. Liz Taylor & Michael Jackson’s Odd Friendship“To Michael, Elizabeth was a saint, a goddess.”
  7. casting couch
    Joseph Fiennes Responds to Playing Michael Jackson in Road-Trip ComedyLicense-plate game, anyone?
  8. the industry
    Joseph Fiennes to Play Michael Jackson — Wait, What?In a British TV movie about a post-9/11 celebrity road trip.
  9. aids
    Kathy Ireland: Elizabeth Taylor Ran an Underground AIDS Safe HouseThink West Coast Buyers Club.
  10. hair
    Great Moments in Blonde Hair, Dark EyebrowsFrom Jayne Mansfield to Justin Bieber.
  11. flashbacks
    See Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West As Elizabeth Taylor and Richard BurtonIn Burton and Taylor. It’s British.
  12. british people
    Helena Bonham Carter Will Play Elizabeth Taylor in BBC Four MovieTake that, Liz & Dick.
  13. tv review
    Seitz on Liz & Dick: A Retro-Bad TV BiopicLadies and gentlemen, behold the worst reviewed program of 2012.
  14. everything is connected
    Elizabeth Taylor Invented ‘Goop’ Before Gwyneth DidEverything is connected.
  15. trailer mix
    Liz & Dick Trailer: Lindsay Lohan Says the Word ‘Wench’Oh boy.
  16. dialogue
    What Can We Look Forward To in Liz & Dick?Mooning and hilarious lines, among other treats.
  17. clickables
    See a New, Official Photo of Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth TaylorIn a clinch with Grant Bowler’s Richard Burton.
  18. lindsay lohan
    See Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth TaylorWorks for us.
  19. casting couch
    Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor Movie Finds Its Richard BurtonIt’s the guy from Atlas Shrugged.
  20. casting couch
    Lifetime Moving Forward With Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor MovieIt’s called Liz & Dick.
  21. comeback attempts
    Lindsay Lohan May Play Elizabeth Taylor on LifetimeOne step forward, one step back.
  22. the greatest story ever told
    Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, and Marlon Brando’s Post-9/11 Road TripThe movie practically makes itself.
  23. elizabeth taylor
    Elizabeth Taylor Was Late to Her Own FuneralOn purpose.
  24. retrospective
    Edelstein on Elizabeth TaylorHer great gift? Being alive onscreen as few actresses before or since.
  25. vulture lists
    10 of Elizabeth Taylor’s Most Notable RolesFrom ‘National Velvet’ to ‘The Flintstones.’
  26. art
    Jerry Saltz on Andy Warhol’s Portraits of Liz“Andy is in the air we breathe; Liz was in the air he breathed.”
  27. publishing
    Elizabeth Taylor’s NYT Obituary Was Written by Someone Who Is Also DeadAnd has been for years.
  28. screen queens
    Elizabeth Taylor HospitalizedThe 78-year-old suffers from congestive heart failure.
  29. quote machine
    Vincent Kartheiser Finally Breaks Down and Buys a ToiletPlus: Bob Dylan’s son says some stuff.
  30. elizabeth taylor
    Jolie, Zeta-Jones Interested In Elizabeth Taylor RoleAnd Crowe, Farrell and Owen are potential Burtons.
  31. michael jackson
    This Is It Gets the Elizabeth Taylor Stamp of Approval“It is the single most brilliant piece of filmmaking I have ever seen.”