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    Yellowjackets Star Ella Purnell Joins Walton Goggins on Amazon’s Fallout TV ShowWar never changes, but casting does.
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    Let’s Cast Yellowjackets’ Other Potential Adult SurvivorsWe refuse to live in a world where Van doesn’t make it out alive.
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    Ella Purnell on Surviving Yellowjackets As ‘Queen Bee’ Jackie“When she doesn’t pull her weight in the group, that would piss anyone off. That would piss me off!”
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    Zack Synder’s Army of the Dead Trailer Makes Ocean’s 11 Look Like Child’s PlayYou try pulling a Vegas heist during a zombie apocalypse.
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    Sweetbitter Star Ella Purnell on Tabloid Rumors and Being Typecast“Tess feels very much like she is not trying to please anyone. She is not living to anybody else’s expectations of life.”
  6. See the Sensory, Sensual Trailer for Starz’s SweetbitterWatch the season premiere Sunday, May 6.
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    Miss Peregrine’s Cast Reveals Own Peculiarities“I can dislocate my shoulder and pop it back.”