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  1. call me by your name
    Draymond Green Didn’t Care for Dave Chappelle Besmirching His Good NamePersonal foul.
  2. vulture lists
    The 11 Best Jokes From Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix SpecialsChappelle is a master of stand-up comedy.
  3. Dave Chappelle Is Mostly Disappointing in His New Netflix SpecialsChappelle is one of the most important American comedians of the last 20 years, but you can’t see that clearly here.
  4. Are We Taking Dave Chappelle Too Seriously When He Jokes About Louis C.K.?Dave Chappelle says in his new specials that he is just messing around, but that goes against his status in our culture as a social commentator.
  5. Here’s a Sneak Peek from Dave Chappelle’s Netflix Standup Special […]Netflix is closing out 2017 with Dave Chappelle’s third standup special Equanimity, and the streaming network recently released a clip from the […]
  6. Dave Chappelle’s Third Netflix Special ‘Equanimity’ Debuts on New Year’s […]Netflix is closing out 2017 with the final standup special of the three-special deal it made with Dave Chappelle last year. Following The Age […]
  7. comedy
    Dave Chappelle’s Third Netflix Comedy Special Arrives December 31It’s titled Equanimity, but at least one joke will likely cause you to lose your chill.