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Eras Tour

  1. no more fomo
    Here’s a Play-by-Play of the First Stop of Taylor Swift’s Eras TourRelive what you missed in Swift City, Eras-zona.
  2. this is not the land…
    Is This the Best Glendale Could Do for Taylor Swift?Not Swiftdale. Not Glendale (Taylor’s Version). Swift City.
  3. ticketmonster
    You May Have Another Shot at Getting Taylor Swift TicketsCheck your email (especially if you had Ticketmaster issues).
  4. ticketmonster
    Look What Taylor Swift Fans Made Ticketmaster DoSwift said “it really pisses me off” that fans struggled with Ticketmaster.
  5. midnight(our)s
    See Taylor Swift Earlier Than Midnight on the Eras TourAdding 15 new dates after presale signups, including five nights in Los Angeles.